Launch Date * 創刊日のお知らせ



と、マッハのスピードではないですが、セグウェイくらいのスピードは出てきたかな?そろそろレーシングカーに乗り換えないと、創刊日に間に合わない予感。。 Wish us luck!

Small announcements for you.
Our launch date, which had previously been a bit vague, has been decided - around midnight of August 31st Tokyo Time! (ta-da!)  It's Friday, so Tokuko and I will be getting together after work, and will do the final check till midnight.  We only have one month to go...

And, our first newsletter has been out last night.  I was so nervous until I hit the "send" button!  Happily, responses from our readers have been warm and positive.  The second letter will be out in 2 weeks, so please sign up in advance.

We haven't yet on a jet plane speed, but we are reaching about a segway speed.  Soon we gonna have to switch our vehicle to a racing car...  Wish us luck!

Meri * amirisu

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