Fingering weightの在庫糸が色々あったので使いたいと思って、ショールを編んだら早くて楽しいかなと思ったの。最初はすごく簡単なものから始めたんだけど、やめられなくなっちゃったのよ!




Today's post features one of our pattern, Xeni.
Many people have already started knitting this pattern, so we will be seeing lots of FO photos soon. This time we've asked Kitman a few question about her design inspiration.

Why did you start designing shawls?
I wanted to use up some of the fingering weight skeins that I have bought and making shawl is just much faster and fun. I started by designing something real easy, and since then I just can't stop.

And why bottom-up? Is the design process different from top-down?
I find it easier comparing design a shawl from top down. Also, I like how the working rows get shorter and shorter and I don't have to finish the shawl with a massive long bind off.

What was the inspiration for Xeni?
When I knew I am going to design a shawl for Amirisu, I wanted it to be heavily textured but not difficult. I love twisted stitches with lace pattern.
After browsing through some of my stitch dictionary books, I settled with the two beautiful lace pattern stitches and there the Xeni is designed!

Linda (Ravelry name lindavalentino) kindly agreed to share her FO photo. Here is her gorgeous Xeni shawl!

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