Call for Submission!

Call for submission for Fall/Winter 2014 (Issue 5) is now open until February 8.  We are looking for warm, cozy and cute designs for spending our beautiful autumn days outdoors with friends and families, sometimes by ourselves.
Please find your inspirations here at our Pinterest page.

To register as a designer, follow below link and click on Design Registration.

I am going to elaborate a bit about how we select designs every issue.
Here are things we take into consideration:

- Do we (both of us) want knit and wear it ourselves?
"There may be people out there who would wear it, but not us" - if we conclude as such, the design is not for amirisu. We publish what we truly love.

- Is it going to be fun to knit?
If the design has an interesting construction, new techniques (but not a strange one), some ideas that will keep knitters entertained and motivated, we will love love love it. But. It cannot be way too tricky to knit.

- Are there other patterns that are too much alike?
If so, we cannot publish it, unfortunately. Also, is the design worth our customers' money?

- Is the used yarn purchasable? Is the yarn substitutable?
There sometimes a case where the design is nice and unique, but it also uses a particular yarn and only works with the yarn, and the yarn is not easy to buy. Or, sometimes the design uses many many different colors of yarn, which makes it hard for people to get the yarn. This is not a deciding factor, but an important consideration.

- Can the designer pull things together - create a pattern that does not look too different from the initial sketch, write a good pattern, and finish a sample with good quality?
For this, we often look at the designer's past projects. Your projects on Ravelry are important for us.

Hope these help in one way or another for aspired designers out there! But please don't overthink things - we love cute designs. Period.
Looking forward to your submission!

- Meri

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